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TV Installation Cost: What Determines the Cost of Your Installation?

Everyone has a corner of their house where they can relax and enjoy their free time, and most of us have a TV in that corner. Generally all of us buy expensive TV and stuff, but when it comes to installing the TV, we always choose cheap options that damage our TV and wall.

TV Installation Cost
TV Installation Cost: What Determines the Cost of Your Installation?

So today, we gathered some information that will help to estimate the TV Installation Cost and the factors that Determine the Cost of Your Installation?

The size of the TV

The main factor that determines the cost of TV installation is the size of the TV. The greater the size, the more will be the price of TV installation is the rule followed by all the TV installation companies.

Normally TVs up to the size of 31 inches cost you around $55, and the bigger TV of 61 inches to 81 inches could cost you around $150.

TV Mounting Bracket

The next thing you need after estimating the price of the TV according to the size is the price of the mounting bracket. You all know that the mounting bracket is the real thing that holds your TV on the wall, so the quality of the bracket matters a lot.

There are three types of mounting brackets available on the market, fixed, tilting, or full-motion brackets, and you can choose any of these according to your ease.

  • The fixed bracket has a market price between $25-$75.

  • A tilting bracket price in the market is around $28-$70.

  • A full-motion bracket price in the market is around $25-$95.

Normally you don't need to buy this on your own because it would be hard for you to buy the one with the best quality. We suggest you ask your TV installing guy to bring one with him and you can pay him the price. By doing, you will save both your time and energy.

TV Installation Wall

You chose the perfect corner for your TV but did you look at the material of the wall? Why? Because the professional has to choose nuts, bolts, and tools according to the material of the wall.

The drywall is the easiest for installing the TV; therefore, it costs around $100 - $300, whereas brick walls, stone walls, and concrete walls are difficult to install a TV, so they cost around $200 to $800.

Wire Hiding cost

Everyone hates the wires dangling around the TV as it diverts your concentration and creates a messy look. Because of this, you have to pay some extra bucks to hide the wires.

Normally it will cost you around $150 to $250, but the prices might increase a bit depending upon the size of the TV and wall material.

Before choosing this installation method, make sure that the cables meet all fire and building codes. For in-wall installations, UL-rated CL2 or CL3 wire is usually required.

Additional Charges

Outlet Installation

If you are installing your TV on the wall with no electrical outlet, you might have to pay a bit for outlet installation. Your grounded outlet can be replaced if it is older, or you can upgrade to one that includes jacks for cabling, fiber, or other connections, which can cost more.


What is the purpose of the TV when you cannot hear its voice properly? Admit it; a good sound system can enhance your fun ten times more. So asked you TV installation guy, to install speakers with your TV so that you can enjoy the TV without asking anyone to stop talking.

Labor Cost

After calculating all the factors, don't forget to add the labor cost because that guy is putting a lot of effort into installing your TV.

A technician can usually charge from $50 to $150 per hour to install a TV. In order to avoid wasting your money, we recommend hiring a skilled technician.

A skilled technician knows how to install a TV securely without the risk of falling and damaging it. A professional has the necessary tools, laborers can handle heavy televisions, and are usually experienced at wire concealment and wiring.

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