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Outdoor TV Installation: Tips to Consider Before Mounting a Flat Screen

Who doesn't like the idea of relishing the natural scenery while enjoying a football game with your loved ones?

Outdoor TV Installation
Outdoor TV Installation

In case you liked the idea of installing your TV outside, we'd like to share some important tips with you before you do it because, in an outdoor location, your TV might be exposed to sunlight, wind, and dust. Here are some tips to consider before mounting a flat screen outside.

Choosing Best Placement for Outdoor TV

Before going out and buying the flat screen for your outdoor setup, you should choose the ideal location and placement for your flat screen. Most of the time, there are three options for your TV.


If the wall where you want to mount your TV is sturdy, you can hang it directly because it is safe for your TV and will not cause any damage.

Pole Mounted

A TV pole mount is used to attach flat screen TVs or monitors to poles, and they are ideal when your ideal wall is not sturdy enough to bear the weight of your TV. The main advantage of this arrangement is that it is not restricted to the location of existing structures, so you can choose where to put the TV.

Ceiling Mounted

With a ceiling pole bracket, an outdoor TV can be mounted to the ceiling in a similar manner to a pole-mounted TV. These might be found at outdoor dining, hotels, and sometimes in the lounge of multinational buildings. The main advantage of this arrangement is that large crowds can enjoy watching the TV.

Choose an Outdoor Designed TV

Now the most important thing to keep in mind when you have to mount a flat screen is to choose certain TV which is designed for outdoor settings.

A common mistake for outdoor entertainment areas is using a standard TV. Most of the time, this standard TV cannot withstand the harsh weather and eventually breaks down from exposure.

Many outdoor TV brands like SunBriteTV, Samsung, and Seura are specifically designed for outdoor settings and can easily withstand harsh weather without damaging themselves.

We know they are a bit more expensive, but this one-time expenditure will save you from worrying about replacing the TV yearly.

For extra protection, create a TV cabinet for your TV. This TV cabinet will protect your TV from moisture, sun rays, and dust.

Wired or Wireless

Now, after choosing a TV, you have to decide between wired and wireless. Each setup has its pros and cons; for example, the wired setup is more reliable, but it creates a messy wall which is not a good sight to look at. On the other hand, a wireless system gives you a nice clean wall, but this setup is not long-lasting and reliable.

If you are going with the wired option, we suggest protecting those loosely hanging wires with conduit or pipe coverings that are designed to withstand the cracking and protect your TV.

And if you are one of those who love a clean wall, then you should ask your cable company to provide you with a compact cable box to put behind your TV.

Boost Voice with Nice Speakers

Now for the final touches, add nice outdoor speakers with your TV because sometimes it is hard to hear the voice of the TV when you are sitting outside. So instead of asking others to stop talking, you can simply increase the TV volume so you won't miss out on the fun.

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